Beogram 4002 – Pressing STOP button

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      Never use WD40 for anything other than blinding burglars ;¬) deoxit seems to be the solvent of choice in this forum….I used to use servisol until  I converted…….


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        Both WD40 and Caig Laboratories (Deoxit) have a range of products being sold under their respective brand names. You are correct about using WD40 “classic” for pretty much anything electronics related. However, WD40 contact cleaner might actually be better than some on the Deoxit products that contain acid and leave a film.


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          Your problem has nothing to do with the control panel switches. The problem is typically with the solenoid that raises the arm or the pivot point is gummed up. These should be disassembled, cleaned and aligned. You also may need to demagnetize the rod in the solenoid.

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            My Beogram 4002 has developed a slight fault when I press STOP the arm doesn’t always raise and the needle scrapes across the record for part of the way. Pressing the Cue button raises the arm, the arm raises at the end of a record properly and also If the power is disconnected – I read that it might be that the contacts under the finger plate need cleaning. If this is the case is it ok to use WD40 contact cleaner or should i get something like deoxit? OR is it likely to be some other fault – everything else works as it should.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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