Beogram 4002 dust and lowering arm problem

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      Dear community, I’ve got a couple of questions as I opened my beogram 4002.

      First, I noticed some kind of dust inside the two springs depicted in the image below. Is this coming from accumulation during many decades, or these springs were originally “equipped” with some sort of soft material inside to keep them oiled, maybe ?


      Second, the arm does not lower when I start spinning. It moves to the right position, but it does not go down. After pressing a few times the button for lowering the arm, it eventually goes down. What could be the cause of that ?


      Many thanks !inside4002

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        The springs have a damping sponge inside them.  They should be left in.

        Operational problems with these turntables after 40 years is common.
        There could be oxidation on the operating buttons.  Capacitors on the main board may be out of tolerance.  Sometimes there are faulty transistors.  Mechanical adjustments need to be made per the service manual.  Sensor lamps might need replacing.

        You can look up a lot of information about servicing them here.


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          Thanks for your answer ! The lamp on the arm turns on. Another question: what other mechanism would prevent the system to lower the arm, for example if the LP is not mounted, or something else is detected ?

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            Just found out that one could try by moving the screw of the piston, the one that looks like red in the right side of the picture above

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