Beogram 4000 record detection issue

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      Hi All,

      working on my BG4000 which does have record detection issues:

      first the detector arm bulb dies not come on ?
      It measures about 40 ohm and is getting 6.3V supply when ON is actuvated.

      checking the collector voltage at 1TR14 I should see a max of 2.2V  – the max I see is

      Both, 1TR14 and 1C9 have been tested off board as good ??

      what am I missing here and why isn’t the bulb illuminated ??

      help would greatly be appreciated 🤗🤗


      BRONZE Member

        Hi Alf

        As the bulb is measuring about 40 Ohm it should be OK.

        Check 1 R 30 (15 OHM) and all tracing connections.

        About Transistors which are measuring off board in a good state….

        If I pull one of these little BC5XX Transistors out I always put a new one in, cost only 5 to 20 cent and you’re shure that the new one will work.

        Had already a lot of them measuring good, but a HFE about 20 or 100, too low in that case.

        Hope it will help a little bit.

        Kind regards


        SILVER Member

          Hi Christian,

          thanks for the input, very much appreciated.

          R30 measured 14.9 ohm !

          i revisited that detector bulb, definitely not lighting up, so I put a “replacement” that lit up straight away as expected when 6.3V are present.

          However that “replacement” is not the correct bulb – my hope is Martin (Dillen) can supply a correct one ?!


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            Does the record detection circuit work with the replacement bulb….or are there still issues?


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              Hi Craig,

              it worked before the original bulb went dead.

              The “replacement bulb” has a different filament type – it lights up but does not produce

              the correct light circle.p through the lense.

              the correct bulb has been ordered from Beoparts shop yesterday – now its the waiting game until it arrives.



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