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      Hello everyone. Long time, no post!

      I have a question about using my newly acquired Beogram 4000 in conjunction with my Beolab 5s. They are currently set up in a single room along with my Beovision 10 and Beosound 9000 as per the bottom picture in the image below:

      Bilde 59

      To clairfy, that means the Beosound 9000 is connected to the Beovision 10 by a Masterlink cable, and the Beosound 9000 is connected to the first Lab 5 by the s/pdif digital cable. The Lab 5s are connected together by daisy chain with a second s/pdif digital cable.

      There is a powerlink cable from the Beovision 10 to each Lab 5.

      The Beosound 9000 is in option 0

      The Beovision 10 is in option 2

      The Lab 5s are in option 0

      My question is, why can’t I hear a radio source or be able to use by Beogram 4000 via the aux input with this setup? I have a pre-amp and all the cabling from Steve but I can’t figure out why the only audio output from the Beosound 9000 is the CD. It’s all connected up as per the instructions, so I had assumed the non-digital audio signal would get sent via the ML to the Beovision, then on to the Lab 5s by the powerlink cables from the Beovision itself.

      Can anyone help please? I have discussed with Steve but it’s still unresolved.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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