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      • Paris France

      Hi guys,

      The tonearm in my Beogram 3000 (5228) lifts late, that is when it reach the end of the record it starts to go back before lifting. Thats few second, maybe not even one but enough to scratch the record with the needle for one or two centimetres. Then it lift and parks as usual.

      I’ve looked into the service manual but can’t see if and where this can be adjusted.

      Thanks for any help.

        • Paris France


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          Does it lift slow?
          If so – dry or wrong lubricants?

          Has it worked while in your possesion?
          If not – wrong cam wheel for this model, perhaps?


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            • Paris France

            Hi Martin. Thanks for chiming in…

            I don’t feel like it lift slower than it drops or slower than the BG12xx I own.

            Of course, compared to a BG400X the move is more “damped” But nothing that I could described as sluggish.

            Yes it has worked in my possession. It has even been my main deck until I get a 400X.

            Hope the helps.

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