Beogram 2400 Tonearm not lowering

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    Hello I hope that I am posting this in the right location if not my appoligies in advance.

    Okay, So I recentley picked up a Beogram 2400 with an MMC 20EN cartridge. It has been very well preserved and looks like in new condition. It even came in it’s original box with all the styrofome packaging and manuals. Only thing is that I beleave it has been stored for many years and things could sieze up.

    Now to get to the real problem: it powers on and it attempts to play a record. The tonearm moves over like it is getting ready to play but it toes not lower down to the record. I have searched these forum but have not foun anything specific to fix it. I did find on Audio Karma a thread that says the culprit is a brass pin inside that gets stuck. I opened my 2400 and found the brass pin but unable to remove it with the other pin going across it.

    My question is how do you remove the brass pin? Or does it even need to be removed to clean it and lubricate it. Also if having to re-lubricate it what kind of lubricant is used?

    Below is a small video of what I am talking about.

    Thank you for any information you can provide.

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