Beogram 2200 tonearm won’t lower

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      My Beogram 2200 suddenly started skipping on every record I put on. Tried to fix the tonearm by taking it apart, but couldn’t see any visible problems. When I put it back together the tonearm now doesn’t lower enough to play the record.

      Thanks in advance for anyone wanting to help


      I’ve attached a photo of what the inside of the tonearm looks like. I have no clue how it’s supposed to look tbh

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        • Paris France

        Has it ever lift before or is it a new fault?

        I’ve one of those that don’t lift. Under the table there is a little “piston” that push the plastic disc where the arm rest (through the little screw). The piston is stuck and the whole thing dont move anymore. Maybe you ca start from here.

        BRONZE Member

          Thanks for the advice, yes it’s a new fault.

          It lowers a little bit though, but not enough. I should take it apart and look at that piston.

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