Beogram 1800/2000/5000 Parts interchangeability

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      Hello Everyone!

      Good to see the forums back up and running again!

      I have accumulated several Beogram turntable that all are from the same family, 1800,2000and 5000. It seems that when someone hears I like B&O turntables, they pass them to me. Not many of them are functional and many have been abused in their lives. As such, each of these has their own problems, but each also has usable parts.

      I was wondering about the top plates. I have a 2000 with a damaged tonearm but a really nice top plate. I have a fully functional 1800 I raised from the dead but is in ugly cosmetic condition. The top plate is scratched and damaged. While the 1800 only has controls for speed and cue, the 2000 has added repeat.

      Can the top plates be swapped without damaging the circuit boards? I understand that the 2000 repeat functionality may not work.

      Can this work?

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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