Beogram 1700 – starts at wrong speed – 66 RPM

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      Hi from a newbie!

      I recently acquired a Beogram 1700 that seems to be in great shape and I have an MMC 20 E pickup for it. I haven’t done anything to it except install the cartridge and a little cleaning. It does, however, have an odd behavior.

      When I press the 33 key to start playing, it starts at 66 RPM instead of 33 (tested with one of those free phone apps). Pressing 45 starts at the correct speed. If I press 33, then 45, then 33 again before the tonearm lowers, it slows to the correct speed in time for the stylus to hit the record. If I press Pause, wait, then 33 again, it starts at 66 RPM. Pressing 45 then 33 slows it to the correct speed.

      As I said, I haven’t done any work on it, though I have already bought and received a repair kit from

      This is a US T5733, and at some point in the distant past it was modified with RCA plugs instead of the expected DIN connector, but it looks like the original gray cable. It also has a separate black ground wire with a spade connector.

      Other than the speed issue, it seems to be working well and sounds amazing, though I’ve only tested it with a preamp and a soundbar (I have a Beomaster 901 I’ll be restoring to go with this turntable).

      I’m new to the Bang & Olufsen world, though I’ve been tinkering with and restoring old tube radios for a couple of years now. Any suggestions or pointers will be greatly appreciated!


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        A worn and slipping belt can allow the motor to accellerate to easily.
        The motor pulley simply slips on the belt at startup.

        This, coupled with electronics that will accept to lock in at twice the correct speed, causes this.
        The cure is to replace the belt.

        Correct belt here.


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          That fixed it!

          I had already ordered and received their belt in the repair kit, so I just popped it on and—bam! Fixed. Now I’ve learned a little more about these wonderful turntables.

          Thank you so much for your help Dillen!

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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