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      I have a Beogram 1203 which works fine in every way apart from the automatic arm. When I push the buttom to play the record, the arm lifts and moves to the record, but not far enough and would miss the vinyl.
      Also, at the end of the record, sometimes it stops, lifts and returns just a touch too soon, missing the last few seconds of the song.
      When the arm returns itself, it also moves too far and doesn’t come to a rest square with the deck.
      Is this a problem I can tackle myself?

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        Since both the at rest position and set-down are skewed it sounds like the arm had been moved too far right and there is a threaded pin under the counter weight that secures the arm to its post if I remember. Never saw many of these but that was how the 3000 did it. You need to remove the dustcover and adjust it from the rear.

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