BeoCord VX7000 without BeoVision?

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      Hi all!

      I have recently bought a BeoCord VX7000 but i do not have any beovision systems.
      I would still like to use it though. Is there any way I could control the BeoCord’s functions (beyond play and eject) without a beovision connected to it? I can get my hands on a BeoLink 5000 and was intending to use that from the start.

      I am looking for any solution, no matter how far fetched it is. I would design a circuit that interprets the commands from that beolink and sends them over the D2B bus (i think that’s what the BeoVision uses to communicate with the VCR?) but i’d need documentation on that and I wouldn’t know where to find it.

      I have done some more research and have come up with
      It is a D2B compatible standard, designed to transfer control data through SCART.
      It was invented by CENELEC, which is an organisation in europe; Denmark included.
      Could this be what B&O products like these use to communicate?

      Any help is much appreciated!


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        If you search the archived Beoworld information,you should find previous post’s regarding this subject.The same problem arises when needing to operate a B&O dvd player,independant of the tv.


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          Thes two pages from the BeoTech link on the main site may help a litlle.

          AV-Link 1

          AV-Link 2


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            Hi, AskKat64 and Stoobie, could a BeoSystem 2 (which essentially is a BeoVision without a screen) solve the problem for control? Just a quick thought. They are not expensive. If at all possible it will be a bit of a challenge to get video and audio from the VCR into your TV (maybe with a scart splitter). But maybe an option to explore. If I am making a thinking mistake here let me know. Johan

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