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      Hello, I recently picked up a lot of 4 Beo items, and am tackling the Beocord 8004 first.  Belts had predictably melted, and the only other obvious issue is the broken plastic holding the leaf spring on the feed reel, I havent found the bearing yet.  I am currently awaiting the replacement belts and am prepping. Everything looks original.  All lights work, and the play head will stay engaged if I manually turn the takeup spool.  Obviously I wont know everything until i get the belts on, but was looking for advice on whether I should just replace those known PS board caps, as a precaution, or, leave it be if it works. I’ve read PCB3 and 4, Dolby circ can have issues with the 800x. Ill check the cable soldier and idler tires as well. Are any other known issues and things/components I should look out for.


    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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