Beocom 2, track point missing/broken

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    Hi all –

    I got my hands on a Beocom2 MKI and was happy (battery seemed good!) until I realised that the little joystick (or, in Bang & Olufsen terms, “track point” [EN] / “pegepind” [DA]) was broken/missing.

    Reading @meandmyshadow’s FAQ entry on B&O DECT phones, I noticed this:

    Servicing the BeoCom 6000 is very straight forward and most dealers are equipped to do it, and all parts can be easily replaced with minimum fuss.


    However the same cannot be said for BeoCom 2. Other than software related issues and a battery change, dealers have no way of servicing it and should you damage your BeoCom 2 it will be necessary to order an exchange handset – this is not cheap!

    What are the chances that I can either…

    1. find the part number, find the part and replace it myself
    2. find someone who can?

    I think I once stumbled across someone who did a “complete” refurbishment (new track point + display), but now my Google skills seem to evade me…

    Any ideas?

    Best Regards,



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