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      I don’t know if this is the best section for this question but here goes:

      I have a line on a BC9500 and the bottom looks like this (see image). My questions are:

      1. Does it look like the feet are all gone? Does the unit use stick-on feet (like the 4500) or built-in feet like the 5500/6500, etc?
      2. Does having no feet hint at poor treatment/abuse (top side looks very good)
      3. imageThere are paint scrapes at the corner edges of the chassis and scratches to the bottom. Would this worry you? Overall the unit looks “good” but it looks like it was dragged across a rough surface. Thanks in advance!
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        Martin’s list of units that take his newly manufactured feet.

        [Edit: Ooops, sorry, his are for BeoGRAM 9000/9500/etc/etc/etc. not the Systems.]

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          Congratulation, McRib, if you’re the one who snagged this.  I had my eye on it but moved too slowly.  Functioning Beocenters are for sale far too rarely in the U.S.

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            I would like to know if there are any replacement feet available, too. The feet available on Martin’s site don’t include the Beocenter 9000 series (9000, 9500(.

            In the Service manual, they are listed on page 3-1 as item 9109 (3103083) – Foot rubber.

            Does anyone know if they are available anywhere or will “stick-on” feet from Amazon do in a pinch?

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              You have one foot still attached on the front right about 6″ in. I believe they are bigger than those for the Beograms but you can compare their part numbers in respective service manuals.

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                Thanks for all the responses!

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                  Bringing up an old topic, did you manage to find any feet?

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