Beocenter 9500 display probleem

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      Hello, i have a Beocenter 9500.

      Everything workds perfectly, except, the display with the touch control is not lit.

      A couple years ago i saw that the bottom display was dim and the top display worked perfectly. When i recently tested the system, the bottom display was completely dark, top display normally working. Everything else is just working.

      Where do i need to start searching? I swapped a perfect working complete bottom display and still it does not working.

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        The displays need 5V for the digital part and 7V for the leds… 7V missing?

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          I don’t know, need to check that.

          But from the one to another day, the display brightness turned from 100% to 50%. I put the system in storage unused for about a year, after a year i powered it up, everything works except the bottom display, stayed dark.

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            Any idea where to search? Because everything works perfect, except that the lower display is not lit. I switched the complete lower 3 pcb’s for a spare (who i know works) but still no light on the displays. Touch- control is working as it should.

            The lower display cable is entering the processor module. Maybe there is something wrong with the processor pcb?

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              Does the lower display get any power?
              If it gets power, does it get any data?


            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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