Beocenter 8500 distorted sound, no bass

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      Hello, I just got a Beocenter 8500 ver.2511 SW 1.1 that is producing a very muddled sound. Low volume and mainly treble. Now, this is what I have done so far (from a donor 8500):

      1. The primary speaker output only gave sound on left channel. While testing with secondary speaker output both channels worked.
      2. I have exchanged the following:
        1. Power supply and rectifiers
        2. All fuses
        3. pre amp  and  line in (53/54)
        4. Tuner card (10)
        5. Casette deck (after reading about the one with issues here, and i realised the tape deck actually turned on even if tape was not selected . both pins rotating upon power up)
      3. Sound is still breaking up if it is bass based and will be clear but staging/stereo is totally off with chorus in front and lead vocals in the back and no bass, sometime while turning up the volume, it seems to want to break through with louder music, but it is totally distorted.

      HELP. The donor had a wrecked top plate otherwise I would have moved everything to that unit and made it work…now I have two parts systems…

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        Is the problem from all sound sources (FM/Tape/CD)?
        Have you checked or reset the sound settings (bass/treble..)?

        Missing or partly missing speaker outputs, occasionally able to break through at louder volumes – replace the muting relay (Beoparts-shop).


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          The sound is equal to all line inputs, the muting relay has already been replaced. Could there be a problem with the switch top side? How can I play/test without interference from switch?

          I have almost changed all parts except lithium battery and PCB, and CD PCB, Except switches that are mounted under glass surface….I don’t know if these would affect the sound though.

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            Just one question

            Did you use a new relay or a used one?



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              I changed with a used relay from a unit that worked.

              Problem seemed to have been the cable harness and possibly short to earth?

              Got it working!

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