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      Im a Bang Olufsen newbie so i have a stupid question. I just bought a Beocenter 2200 without the pickup.  As i understand it should be the MMC5 pickup but the person i bought it from says  any MMC fit. Can i buy any MMC pickup? and is there any cheaper copies of the pickup? I bought the 2200 for 40$ and dont want to spend hundreds on a pickup. Im not sure ill keep it or just get it functional and sell it. Im more into the 3500 or the 5000 series.

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        Hi and welcome to Beoworld,

        Any MMCx (1/2/3/4/5) will fit: they all look like the same, they differ in diamond shape and cantilever material, in short, in quality (MMC5 is the lowest, MMC1 is the best).

        They must not be mistaken with MMCxx (10/20) or MMCxxxx (5000,6000,…) that are bigger in size and older.

        Sadly, there is no cheap alternative to those cartridges. Sometimes you may find a bargain second hand but they would not be at their best. Beside the electrical part and the needle condition, there is a rubber part inside that may be dry and limit the quality of the sound.
        Honestly I have old cartridge and I’m not sure how it does affect the sound that sound pretty good to me. However, it is something to consider.

        The cheapest way I’ve found to get a good MMC was to find a broken one for cheap and having it rebuilt by a specialist, Then you get a new tip, a new cantilever and a new suspension, in other word a brand new cartridge. But this still have a cost, more than 150€ depending on the initial cost of the cartridge, the shipping cost, etc…

        From memory the 2200 is an entry level, Japanese in disguise Beocenter.
        It would be easier to sell if it has the cartridge. Cartridges have a more resell value.

        Hop this helps.

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          Thankyou for a most detalied answer. Good to hear any mmc will fit as it broadens the market alot. I am also glad i found this place where the expertise resides 😃 i have always been attracted to b&o mostly because the design is 30 years in the future. And at last i can afford it since the have dropped.

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