Beocenter 1 Replace Contrast Screen

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      It says in the service manual you should rotate two screws at the bottom of the screen.

      I try to rotate what appears to be screw covers with no success. It is very hard and slippery. Maybe they are really screw covers and should be removed?

      I’m kinda lost.

      Anyone here has done it?

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        While I have not done it myself, the screws as seen in the parts figures are not threaded but keyed. Since they depend upon gravity to drop down, they could be simply stuck and once in the proper release orientation be pried downward with a spudger.

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          Thank you for your answer.

          I will assume that there are no screw covers and what Im trying to rotate are the screws themselves.

          The thing is you have nothing to grab… Clean flush design but a pita to work with.

          Will give it a try tomorrow

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            I’ve contacted B&O Portugal and talked to their repairmen who is in service for more than 30 years

            To remove the contrast screen you need to remove the back cover and unscrew four long screws with springs.

            The screen should come out easily.

            No need to touch the screws that are in the manual.



          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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