BeoBalcony – setup suggestions?

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      I love my BeoSound Ouverture. Currently it is connected with a couple of BeoLab 6000s and a BeoLab 3500 (in the same room) – I have an extra BL 3500 in storage which I am planning for a future setup:

      You see in a couple of weeks we are moving and the plan is to setup the Ouverture in the living room again with the BL6000s and (hopefully) my BeoVox Pentas (with a BeoLink Passive once I find one) or an extra set of  BL6000s if I find some at a good price, then the BL3500s in the bedroom and in my office.

      The apartment is on the 7th floor and has two balconies with a roof and only two open sides each kind of like his (seen from above __| the other one is mirrored |__
      Our balconies are the top ones on each corner.

      One balcony will be our “Café Balcony” as it has morning sun so great for a morning coffee but also will be the designated smoking area – the other will host our grill so both will possibly be used by our guests (my wife fiancé loves to have guests!) so I was considering to have some sound setup there.

      As I see it the balconies are going to be relatively dry as they are relatively low, deep and half covered (with walls on two sides and the rail on the remaining two), and I would love some kind of link speaker. My initial idea was to have a BeoLab 2000 on each balcony, as I thought to remember that they could be installed in the bathroom – however the manual states otherwise! And I sadly have no idea of the actual moist level of the balconies as we won’t move in yet.

      How does the BL2000 [i]seem[/i] to work in a (relatively) sheltered balcony? Could it work out? Any other suggestions? BeoLab speakers preferred as I don’t want them to blast music all the time, but only when selected to, but should be connected to the sound system so the party just “extend” to the smoking lounge, so a bluetooth speaker as an A1 or Explorer won’t work in this setup other as a secondary sound system.

      I am happy to have any suggestions that incorporate my Ouverture and some balcony speaker.

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        This is not recommended due to the risk of condensation shorting out or corroding the electronics. I would recommend you bring them out only when you are enjoying the good weather and views.

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          I made up a couple of portable Wireless Beolab 2000s usinl Beolink Wireless 1’s. You just need a power socket.

          Scroll down in the article for a link to the pics. They work really well with my system but are bought inside when done with and as they have the built in IR eye they are an easy “all in one” solution.

          You could look at a couple of Beolink Passives (one fitted inside near each balcony) feeding out to specialised  outdoor speakers with an IR eye in the weatherproof mount. They will be controllable via the eye and work the same as a BL2000.

          Good luck


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