Avant 55″ mk1 video engine problems

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      I bought a used avant 55″ from 2014, mk1. I am waiting 8 weeks for a new vide engine module. Has anyone figured a way to start the tv in the quickest way when the module is randomly not letting me start the tv?

      Sometimes it starts just fine and I can watch the tv all night for example 6 hours straight but randomly it shows a gray/black fuzzy screen, sometimes with pink edges.

      If I pull the power cord out and back in a few times and mix in a random amount of waiting between power off and on I get it back on but I sometimes have to wait 20 minutes before I can use it again if it has this problem at start.

      I have tried to blast a floor fan onto it for 15 minutes or so sometimes to see if it is a overheating issue but this morning it had been off all night and it had the gray stuck screen on firts try.

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