Avant 55 – Digital Video Engine Problem – Price Update

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      Good Morning Guys,

      I guess this is more of an information post for future users rather than a question or opinion.

      I have owned my Beovision Avant 55″ since 2015 and just after 3 years into ownership the dreaded purple static screen appeared upon starting the TV. As many may know this a consequence of the Digital Video Engine Board becoming Faulty.

      Luckily the B&O Store recognised that as the TV had just fallen out of warranty and repaired the fault out of Goodwill but I never understood how expensive it cost to repair – I assumed being B&O that it would have costed around…. A LOT!

      Four years on and lots of enjoyment from my B&O TV and panic and fear struck again and the Pinky purple static screen has returned. Immediately anxiety had kicked in thinking how much this will cost to fix and will the cost be so high – resulting in the repair costs outweighing the price of the TV!

      After researching the internet and forums it seems the majority of posts suggest figures of £1000-£1300, I even called a B&O reseller who said he had a second hand Video Engine board that he could replace for mine with for £850 – (Cash)

      Even on eBay i found a second Hand Video Engine up for £550.00 so god knows what a new one would cost directly from B&O!!!

      However when finally getting a price from an official B&O Service Center to my surprise i had the below Invoice;

      Parts (Video Engine) – £169.87 Inc Vat

      Labour + Call Out –      £300 Inc VAT 

      Now to me this almost sounds cheap after all the previously searched prices and to know its a brand new part from B&O and fully installed by a B&O Technician gives faith.

      The prices over the years may have come down dramatically due to age or B&O have finally recognised that the part is an ongoing issue and lowered the price……. Who knows!

      So apologies for the long winded Post but I thought it be best practice to share this information & hopefully save someone the anxiety and potential money to buy a new TV when in-fact its not as expensive as the internet would suggest.


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        My first breakdown of digital video engine costed 1500 € (but to my big surprise my insurance company took the major part of it, I had to pay 150 €).

        My second breakdown was much cheaper in total, but more expensive for me (as I couldn’t rely on the home insurance this time). The new DVE was for free as a goodwill from B&O as it was less then two years after the first repair, but I had to pay 350 € for the travel costs (1,5 h one way) and working time (3 h) for the service man. But much cheaper for me than expected.

        The service man told me B&O repairs broken DVE by replacing faulty components with better ones, hence the lower price.

        But I fear new breakdowns in the future as my personal view of the problem is the combination of slim design and lack of ventilation. So if you’re Avant is placed so you never see the back of it, remove the back plates for better cooling.

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          It Appears B&O dropped the price of the boards significantly last year.

          My experience is thus, the first board went after 4 years, cost 1200, the second went 14 months after that cost 700.

          When it went again i got rid of it.

          The problem seems to be that no attention has been paid as to how to rectify the problem, and now just the critical board components are being changed to bring it back to life.

          The engineer told me that some parts had been updated but closer inspection seemed to be the same.  I even ran the TV with the covers off, but reality is it make no difference- just feel the heatsink!

          My experience is that replacement boards dont last

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            100% Agree.

            Such a shame as i really love the TV but a reality will be upgrading to a Eclipse at sometime in the future.

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