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      I’m using this PUC on a Beosystem 4 and on a beovision 11, and can’t seem to get ‘switch off on system standby working; do you know if the PUC really supports this?

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        My Apple TV 4K is connected by PUC to an Eclipse Mk II and previously older Apple units to an Avant 55 and a Eclipse Mk I.  Whichever Apple units and whichever BeoVision product I have always needed to set the Apple TV to go into standby after 15 mins, as the PUC off has never worked.

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          It’s quite annoying as I use Plex for live TV – and it will continue to stream to the appletv even after I have switched off the Beosystem 4 or beovision 11 – that means increased disk wear on my NAS which wouldn’t happen if the PUC worked correctly!

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            I’d call that a bug in the Plex app.

            What happens if you switch to another app, before you turn off the tv?


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              I’m having that discussion with the Plex developers.  While not exactly a bug – more of a feature, the Plex app will still continually buffer on the server until told otherwise by the app – even if you switch to another one. I’m suggesting some options to limit the buffering.

              the bug is with the PUC. It should switch off as it is an. Option listed when adding the PUC to a device configure.

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