ACM Automatic Colour Management module for Beovision 9 WANTED

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      I am looking for a functional ACM module for a Beovision 9 TV. Does anyone have it or know who might have it?


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      BRONZE Member

        Im interested too.

        If you manage to find any resource please let me know.



        BRONZE Member

          Dear George:) It’s good to hear from you.

          A I understand, we have exact the same problem – I can see the “greyscale bar” but camera is dead. I chacked – the engine inside of the module, and it’s ok (working conditions), and chacking connection to the engine I found, that very small voltage is coming to the engine, when I’m asking in menu about ACM, but I have only this greyscale bar on my screen. The same when I’m turning off the tv.

          I was in contact with dutch B&O service in this case 2 weeks ago and it was suggestion from them to contact coutry dealers or services.

          Finally it was not effective – in Poland we have 3 of them, every each is sure this part (as separate ACM module) is out of sale and market at all…

          Let me know, please, how the situation looks like with your BV9, and if you will find the way to solve the problem:)

          My plasma screen is getting more and more “yellow”, so needs ACM action for sure. Will be thanksfull for your comment too:)

          Best regards Konrad

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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