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    I think it’s actually a 1500 not a 1401, I just assumed it was a 1401 but the eBay seller didn’t specify the model and it doesn’t have the model number on it.  The buttons are a bit different that a 1401.  This may explain why I was unable to find the location of the batteries in the 1401 user manual.  That’s my excuse anyway.

    The BeoCom 1400 and 1500 look very similar (similar small keyboards), the difference being that the 1500 has a memory facility, and a volume control for the handset itself.  The BeoCom 1401 followed the Beocom 1400 and 1500, and has a much larger, easier to use keyboard with memory and handset volume also.  Of similar form factor is the BeoTalk 1400, with built in answerphone.

    I love having volume controls to hand, right there on my desk.  Using them every day – so useful.

    Yes, I think that the AV volume controls are far better placed on the ‘base’ rather than the handset – with the latter you have to move them away from your ear to operate which defeats the object.  Nevertheless, they were moved to the handset for the BeoCom 5000 (analogue cordless), BC6000 and BC2.