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    These 4 screws are not ‘holding’ the tv. They are there to secure the tv, when it hangs in the right place/position on the floor stand.

    The 4 screws are holding the TV! If you remove these, the TV will fall to the floor!

    There are two screws securing the bracket mounted to the backside of the TV to the floorstand. Once these are removed, you can proceed as descricibed by Millemissen.

    I will advice you not to lift the tv by the corners, as you risk breaking the glass. The speaker cabinets are hanging in rubber grommets very close to the glass, and if you try to carry the weight of the TV while holding onto the speaker cabinets, they will be pushed against the glass at its most vulnerable point, which is around the cutout for the speaker drivers. Place your hands towards the center and as mentioned; this is a 2 person job.

    If placed on the backside, make sure the surface is completely flat, as twisting it can also break the glass. And again; don’t lift by the corners!