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    Yes there are some other company’s doing it, the one I know so far is The Cover Company or Also known as M&W Design from Germany. The website was


    they offer covers for almost all products 4000 6000 8000 Beolab 5 7 1 STAGE , BeoVision & so on…


    Not all products are in the shop , just contact them via mail or so and ask. I also know they did individual stuff, at a Frankfurt store they have white Acryl bl8000 covers specially made for the shop owner.
    I know that they kinda invented and found the wooden grills several years ago for aftermarket B&O stuff before prestige creators and other people crafted & came up with there covers types.


    with demand  it’s often depending sometimes you get you’re order a few days after purchase and sometimes it need 2-3-4 weeks but they always contact you if it takes longer then 2 weeks so that you know about. If there’s a B&O store next to you you can also ask them. I know for example two B&O dealers one in Frankfurt and one in Düsseldorf what have there products at the store.




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