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    Update – I manage to fix the door cord; tape deck door now working!  It also needed a new door belt but luckily I already had a spare.  That took a lot of patience and a lot of repetition (get one bit in place, another bit comes loose…), but I got there in the end.

    I’m also even more sure than I was yesterday that you were right about the mute relay @Guy.  Now that I have put it all back together, I have plugged the speakers back into Speakers 1, turned up the volume, and kept pressing mute on and off.  Sometimes I would get some sound from the speakers when mute was off (although it was a poor connection).  I know it’s not the amplifier though as it sounds fine when the speakers are plugged into Speakers 2.

    I have a full amplifier unit from a Beocenter 8500 which I broke down for parts (too far gone to repair).  I’m assuming that although that was from a BC8500 rather than a BC9000, it should work?  I will get the mute relay from Beoparts and try to fix the BC9000, but just in case that fix doesn’t work, I could just swap out the whole amp with my spare amp if it’s compatible?