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    Hi @beobuddy, Speaker type is 6881 with SW 2.6 (not sure which revision of speakers this is mk1, mk2 or mk3). Yes, speaker stop responding to remote controller commands once it gets warm (after 1..3 hours of normal operation – no loud audio there). I can certainly check if micro is covered with something but how do you draw any conclusions out of it? How would you go about fixing something like that? Do you offer service to fix it? Thanks, Henryk

    A BL5 with software 2.6 printed on the label underneath the big disc, is a mk2. mk1’s have software 1.4 or higher, mk2’s have software 2.6 or higher and you can quess that software 3.0 or higher is a mk3. But  Afaik there are mk1’s with newer revisioned chassis with upgraded software. But not sure about that. I have seen different components on the mk2 and mk3 when you compare them side by side. I tend to think that mk3’s are a bit more vulnerable for malfunctions. I’ve fixed some mk3 boards on places I haven’t seen happen on the mk2 series.

    But to answer your question, I offer the service. But.  At this moment I’m still examining these kind of behaviour. Due to the fact that the BL5 needs both data and the trigger signal  to operate, I’m leaning towards the processor or something in it’s surrounding area. But as these are covered with a special hardened fluid, it is still impossible to measure. It wouldn’t suprise me if there is something happening as with the early BS9000mk1’s and some mk2’s where the processor itself might be the culprit.