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    Great to hear that you got it working to some extent by changing the NL/ML converter ti V.MASTER.

    Is there any way to stream to Ouverture? I tried to turn on TV/PC source on ouverture, but it’s not switching to such sources…

    LINE-IN is mapped as PC

    I am not sure that the Ouverture will react to the PC command. My Ouverture does not at least. Try to map it to video source like V.MEM or DVD

    you said that N.MUSIC conflicts with PHONO source of Ouverture – what is transmitted from Ouverture as PHONO? I have a TV connected to AUX and it’s seen as A. AUX on the ML, CD is CD, TAPE i A. TAPE, RADIO is RADIO. so what is PHONO???

    The Ouverture has the possibility to control a second tape player and a record player connected to the AUX connector if they have datalink. For that reason the commands PHONO (record player) and Tape2 is both redirected to the AUX connector on the Ouverture and it will show the right name in the display. However if something without datalink is connected to the  AUX connector AUX is shown in the display and therefor the Ouverture will also accept the AUX command.

    Because of this the sources PHONO (which is the same as N.RADIO) and Tape2 (which is the same as N.MUSIC) can not be used by any other sources in the ML network, and the Beolink PC2 can therefor not be used as a source in this setup.

    For the Beolink PC2 to work in this setup it can only function as a link room (option 6) or else you have to replace the Ouverture to a more moderns system that will work with the N.RADIO and N.MUSIC sources from an other device. This could for example be the BS3000 with the right software version.

    I was going to connect my Beogram 3000 also to AUX of Ouverture (with Y DIN-7 connector, port will be shared with TV

    Be aware that nor the Ouverture or the BG3000 has built in RIAA amplifier. If you use an external RIAA amplifier and wan’t the Ouverture to control the BG3000 you will need a RIAA amplifier that also can take the datalink signals between the BG3000 and the Ouverture.

    I am not sure if it can be a problem to have the TV and the record player on the Y connector. The sound from the TV will be transmitted into the record player and that may be an issue. Other members might be able to elaborate on that.


    I hope this answers your questions and makes sense?