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    With respect to sharing 50s between music (wired)  and video (WISA) duties, it is possible.   You have to set the 50s to WISA mode and then include them in an Avant speaker group.

    One consequence of leaving / setting the 50s in WISA mode is that the 50s auto-sense of inputs (and their priorities) is disabled.  So you have to use the B&O app to switch to which input/source you want to listen to.

    But it does work – in that with the 50s included WISA wise in an Avant speaker group, you can listen to (a) music from your Roon Nucleus by selecting the USB input in the app, or (b) your Core sources.   Seems like the Core is only in your setup as a conduit for your 9000 and Beogram.

    For those Core connected sources – you may need to stop using the Powerlink to the 50s, and use the Core optical out into the optical input of the 50s.   You’d need to check this – i.e setting the 50s as WISA for use with your 50s, you may need to not use the Powerlink input as well.   Not 100% sure of this bit, it may be ok to leave your Core sources as powerlink to the 50s, in the WISA scenario. But if not, just use Core optical out to optical in on the 50s.

    re your question 4 – you already have Roon capability with your Nucleus direct to your 50s, so unless you are after the potential advantage of an additional high end DAC (Linn or otherwise), I’d just leave your Roon part as you have it at the moment.

    And assuming the Core is only present, as mentioned above, to route your 9000/Beogram, then its just a question of leaving them power link connected, or switching to Core optical to 50s.

    Not sure of that helps, and sorry if I have misunderstood anything.