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    Guess its the same as when you first setup a BST/LG from new.

    i.e. the B&O app page for the BST has the “Enable LG/B&O app integration” type banner / message.

    The difference (compared to box fresh and new) was that my LG already had the B&O webOS app installed. So, what to do?

    I forced the issue a bit, by deleting the webOS app and re-installing it.  The B&O app says to restart the TV when the app is installed, which I did but “integration” didnt take hold / re-establish itself.  I went round this loop a couple of times, and  then just rebooted the Theatre, which seemed to re-establish the integration.

    I guess, once the integration had disappeared initially, I should have perhaps just rebooted the Theatre. Not sure deleting/re-installing the B&O webOS app process was necessary – but who knows.

    Anyway, all good now.