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    Low voltage like that is not a fire hazard.

    Just make the mechanical connection good and tight.  It’s the lazy person’s way to do it, but mild corrosion — enough to lower the IR signal — won’t occur for 5-10 years at the worst, by which time you will have upgraded something else.  But you know they make tiny wire-nuts for such connections, or if you go high-tech, “Scotch-Lok” gel-filled compression connectors!  The only “usual” rule is don’t bury any connections behind solid wall.  Push them back into a box with a wall plate, or leave them open and running in the cabinet, whatever.

    (If the time ever comes that you want to find the connections again and don’t know where you buried them, you use a telephone linesman’s tool called a “TDR” (Time Domain Reflectometer) to tell you how many feet down the wire your break (or in your case, messy splice) has occurred.)