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    Where it fails miserably —as expected— is in the predictive touch area for the on-screen keyboard.

    Not really an issue to me, certainly because I don’t have à Beosound 5 and don’t use it as a keyboard.

    No to me the big problem is the battery. I have 3 or 4 of them, all with power supply problems. Unable to keep one alive more than few seconds. I have tried everything, fresh batteries, swapping Thermal protection, cells, overnight charging, external battery power, … Nothing work, the remote is always short on power when it only powers on…

    So sad, I really mis my Beo6 with their colorful display…Beocenter%20Home%20copy.jpg-600x450IMG_5244.JPG-600x450Beocenter%20Home%20V2%20copy.jpg-600x450IMG_5214.JPG-600x450