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    Guy, thank you for your thoughts.

    I originally bought the Beoline with one Beocom 6000 mk II from Denmark, a few years ago. I’ve since added three other 6000 mk II phones and then deleted one. The list of registered phones viewed from a 6000 mk II (pressing the INT button) has only three slots used (1, 2 and 4).

    I’ve tried opening the Beoline for registration from one of the 6000 mk II phones, and when that proved ineffective, I switched the base off and then on again. No dice.

    I have tried resetting the Beocom5, but haven’t tried resetting the Beoline yet, as I don’t want to lose all the programmed numbers unless I have to.

    I’ve just tried adding a new Beocom 6000 mk II, and it went straight in as #5, but the Beocom5 still doesn’t communicate with the base. So the base will clearly take more handsets, implying a problem with the Beocom5.

    So it currently looks like either the Beocom5 is faulty, or there is a software incompatibility.