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    So after a month of not working on my BC2300 I have today dug out my soldering iron and replaced the CD driver board capacitors.

    Board after removal of SMDs:


    And with the new capacitors, all Panasonic apart from the (blue) 330 uF which is a VISHAY.  I had to be very careful to orientate the capacitors so that they do not interfere with the CD laser movement.  The large VISHAY was tricky and I had to bend both legs into an L-shape in the same direction, soldering the hidden +ve foot first and then bending it forward to solder the -ve lead.  It now fits nicely into a groove in the side of the CD mechanism.


    And guess what?  I put it back together and it works, and for more than 20 minutes this time!!  It is a Good Friday!  ?


    Note the picture of Beoworld member yachadm’s soldered CD board on the PC screen behind which was used for inspiration (although I orientated a couple of my capacitors in different directions), and many thanks to madskp and Dillen for their help and encouragement.  I have left the new Beoparts laser fitted but will keep the one that I removed (as it is probably serviceable) for future repairs of other kit.

    I will be giving the BC2300 an extended test before full re-assembly, and potentially do the other jobs (belts, adjustment of display brightness and battery replacement).

    EDIT:  Links to capacitors used, for reference: