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    Well whatever you do guys. Don’t factory reset your theatre in the latest software version. This problem wasn’t present on my theatre. Untill I got some problems with my Beolab 28’s room compensation.

    After some testing I decided to factory reset everything just to begin from scratch again. Seems after the factory reset the theatre indeed has a bug in DD 5.1 content. Everything else is fine. Need to crank up the volume with DD 5.1 content to like 60 to be audible and the channels are quite mixed up and it just doesn’t sound right. However Atmos DD+ of PCM2.0 up mix all sounds good with lower sound levels. However before the factory reset I didn’t have any of these problems with version 3.2.1 / 3. Quite strange and really buggy software in my opinion.

    I’ve asked my dealer for a downgrade on both the beolabs 28’s and theatre to atleast 2.5.5. I would like to know how to do this myself aswell if there is an option for this?