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    Here the text from this thread Of what I did.

    While I had all the sanding utensils out and ready, I started on the ugly acrylic cover, I placed it on a sturdy cardboard box that nearly fit into the cover Bad idea as I sanded with 30 micron the cardboard damaged the inside of the cover, I had to cover the box with a cotton rag, and later sand the inside with 15 micron and so on), I then wet sanded with a 30 micron sheet, parallel to the long side until the deep scratches was gone, the most difficult was the damage you can see in the first pics. I then went to 15 micron sanding parallel to the short side until all the grains from the 30 micron was gone, then down to 9 micron, long side, until all then grain from 15 micron was gone, then down to 3 micron, short side, I now had like a haze on the acrylic, not quite clear, I then took to Novus No. 2 scratch remover, and that did it. With 25°C in the garage this was a boot camp, 2 hours hard work, sweating like after a 5 Km run. I have some more covers where I tried with Novus No. 3 and 2 and 1, It didnt turn out as well as this one.