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    My feeling is that an upgrade for the Harmony is not so complex as stated here. There is plenty of room in the wings to add upfiring speakers. Only challenge could be the woofers,

    OK, but here’s the thing. Beoworlders keep saying these things are never complex but with the exception of (I think BL8002 to BL18), I don’t recall any B&O design getting a technological update. sure there’s a MK1, 2 and 3 on a few models – probably internal parts sourcing. So like where was the 32in Avant with LCD screen?, BC2 with BR?, BS5 with touchscreen, BS9000 with BR compatibility? Upgrade the BV7 with BR? Eclipse with interchangeable Panels?

    Lots of great ideas here….but none of them ever happened. I doubt B&O will update or redesign the Harmony (other than for spares replacement). They are more likely to bring a whole new class of model out instead revamping old models looking at past form.

    Also, with the so-called Cradle to Cradle philosophy, they may revamp but the Harmony was never designed that way. Then again, Cradle to Cradle may just mean modular servicing of swap parts for +10years rather than anything more dramatic.