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Vintage HiFi Dude
    • Central Oregon
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    Took me awhile to deal with some cartridge retipping and got the MMC6000 back, that is now on the 1900. Sounds really good. But I have two issues. I hope to dig in this weekend, to check.

    First is I get a hum, mostly left channel, once stylus is on the record and passing a signal. I did try without the ground wire attached, and carefully touching RCA’s and phono cable. I’m pretty sure it is going to be on the circuit board.

    Second, 45 speed on the button doesn’t seem to work. It’s the funkiest design I have ever seen for a control button, but maybe I’m doing it wrong.

    Other than than, other controls work, set down is correct and arm/weight/VTF is all correct.

    I know it was mentioned to replace two, or more capacitors. C1, C3, C4, C5 were mentioned earlier in the thread. Maybe that will fix the hum. But to access the circuit board, do I remove the flywheel? I have three pdf service manuals and I don’t see any info on this.

    I would guess that the 45 rpm speed adjust is oxidized.

    I am open to ideas. After getting the motor rebuilt and having it work nicely, and a new flywheel belt, I’m not willing to give up on this deck.