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    Good afternoon! What is the difference between CEC and PUC? How is PUC control implemented? CEC, as far as I know, is implemented programmatically in HDMI, starting with version 1.4 (ARC), including the latest modification of eARC in version HDMI 2.1. What is needed to connect via PUC?

    PUC is a method invented by Bang & Olufsen to control external devices, that are connected to a Bang & Olufsen tv (solution), with a B&O remote.
    Read about it here

    The origins of PUC goes back to the  90’ies and was previous called STB controlling.
    Read about that here

    Apart from the signal cable – nowadays the HDMI connection – you will need an ir-blaster attached to the external device and connected to the ir-connection port on the BV (or most recent to the Beosound Theatre).

    You can see a video about PUC here – in this example you see the BV11.

    In the ‘old days’ the needed codes had to be loaded via cable to the BV’s from a B&O technician – since modern BV’s are online, these codes can be downloaded directly from a B&O server and installed.