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    Hi there, thanks very much indeed. I have a feeling I might be on here quite a bit with the problems I am having with my other stuff as well 😉

    But I checked the phono card (is this the pre amp?) I realised that my Marantz has an internal pre amp and I had plugged the RAC plugs into the wrong ones, so once I plugged those into the Phono plugs I got a lot more sound. Actually loads loads more!

    I have checked the balance in the arm as well, The First 1200 comes with a gauge between 0-3 grams. So I have set it to 2 like you mention (also states that in the confusing manual I think)

    I am still getting quite a bit of distortion which is leading me to think that my Stylus is on its way out. I think ill take it into a store tomorrow and see if they can tell if its broken.