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    • Malmo, Sweden
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    @Guy : No need to be sorry. I’m just happy to see that Beoworld and the forum is flourishing again. I’ve had my fair share of involvement with forums struggling during when either doing necessary or unvoluntary changes.

    : Thanks and the primary source that I want to distribute from the BeoSystem 6500 is the BeoGram as the CD/Radio I have from BeoSystem 9000. So it’s a bit tricky based on that I’m using N.MUSIC to trigger the Moment. With regards to the BL3500 the office I’ve set it up as Link speaker so the Beo4 remote doesn’t trigger the BS6500 and allows me to use the MCP6500 and B&O Audio Terminal remote (the Beolink 1000 which only have the CD, Tape1, Radio, Aux, Tape2 and Phone as sources).