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    Thanks, MM. from what I recall (I actually disconnected my NL/ML Converter as I didn’t think it added much anymore when I replaced my BV11 with a Theatre setup) I could also start a source and then “join” from the Theatre. Can’t remember if it was sufficient to start from the ML stereo or I had to start the stereo from the NL/ML Converter. Will try later today. I have also responded to B&O support to ask them to clarify what adding a Core would achieve. Upon reading their response again it is rather unclear and vague. Will report back here if I learn something. The Theatre is a great product but it would have been even better if it could integrate with previous products better. If ASE products could do that I can’t help but wonder if the Mozart platform was a step backwards but perhaps it has other advantages I am not aware about.

    Set you Beolink NL/ML converter (BLC) as VMaster.
    Then go to the B&o app and select the BLC.
    Select the black bar (with the BLC noted)
    In the next screen select the ML source to be played. This source should now start.
    Join the BS Theatre

    This way no additional ASE product necessary

    add: if in the screen (visible above in the 4th line) the multiroom options are not available, close this screen and in the black bar on the main menu tap the multiroom icon. The Theatre will be available to add.