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    Here’s the full pinout diagram. For some reason I couldn’t take a pdf snapshot yesterday! SCART to Mini AV pinout

    I was just thinking about this further and reckon that the SCART connections in the diagram are wrong. As far as I know, SCART audio out is pins 1 and 3 (not 2 and 6) and composite video out is pin 19 (not 20).  Hence I would hope that B&O’s cable would have the Brown, Black and Orange cables to SCART pins 1,3 and 19 respectively.

    EDIT:  I just worked out the anomaly!  The diagram says ‘Pinout shown for 6271215’ which of course is B&O’s cable with a female SCART socket.  Hence connecting a further male to male SCART into the device would ‘correct’ the connections from input to output.  I can relax now! ?