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    • Flensborg————Danmark
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    Furthermore there is no option anymore to rearrange your products in the startpage – means which one you want to appear first, second etc. Today I added an M3, which I definitely won’t use that much. This was placed at the top and can not be moved further down like with the regular app versions. A bug or a deliberate choice of the app team???

    For me on my iPhone I am able to rearrange the products on the startpage.

    With the latest beta on the iPhone you cannot change the order on the start page but when you go to Settings and then Products there is an Edit button that allows you to rearrange the order. Something that annoyed me for a long time is that you cannot rearrange your B&O favourite stations. This is especially annoying because new stations are added to the beginning of the list.


    Since the beta update yesterday rearranging of the products (I am on an iPad) now works again (thank you app team).

    As for rearranging radio stations – if you use the builtin TuneIn service, you must rearrange your favourites in the TuneIn app. I do not know how it works with the B&O Radio, but I sure hope that it is/will be possible to rearrange directly in the app .