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    Thanks to Millemissen and Steve(btw i do watch you on youtube). I didn’t mention, but as a tv, i do not have a b&o one, but a Philips 936/12 that comes with a default Bowers and Wilkins soundbar. The beolabs, are all MK2,As a besound system, u mean something like Beosound 5? If i gst the connection hub, could i be able to connect all the seven beolabs at once, and working? I saw something on internet, that trasforms beolabs with a bluetooth receiver, could this work if they be all bluetooth ?


    Since you already use the sound output of the tv for the soundbar, you would have to disable that before setting up another sound solution – there is no way to combine these!

    Whilst the Beosystem3 (as suggested) could be an option, if you want to use the Beolabs for a multichannel setup, you must know that this means, that you will have to use the tv as a screen only (the builtin apps can not be used) and that it will be limited to 2K/FullHD due to the configuration/age of that Beosystem.
    And you’d have to fiddle with an ir blaster (and a PUC control) in order to have the Philips tv/screen turn on when you engage the Beosystem

    There are solutions for a workaround there.
    Some examples can be found on the old forum 2 – but this is not for ‘beginners’…..’when you know 0 about connecting

    The solution with the Connection Hub can hardly be recommended either – you simply have to few option to manage the sound for different purposes (music <-> movie)….and you’d have to rely on the headphone-out of the tv. And – as Steve wrote – only works with ir-remote based tv’s.
    Also this would – as with a BS Core – only give you a 2 channel/stereo option.

    The best way to go – if you want to use the BL’s for multichannel/movie and you want to keep the Philips tv – IMHO will be to go for a decent modern multichannel receiver with pre-outs (for the Beolabs) and use the HDMI/eARC connection from the Philips tv to connnect to it. (The default soundbar will be useless in that case).

    Or you simply stick to the soundbar that comes with the tv…….which is not a bad solution after all.

    Maybe you can use the Beolabs with a BS Core elsewhere in your home.

    Sorry to say this….I find no other useable solution/answer to your question ?