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    Hi Dariod,

    Sorry if I tell you things you already know but as you said your newbie…

    All your speakers are powered speakers that don’t need an amplifier to work.
    Normally, they all have a line in socket that allow you to use them with a simple “RCA to anything” wire, sparing you from the need of expensive Powerlink cables.

    Now, if you want to build an home cinema with all those speakers and be able to listen to music, manage scenarios, speakers allocation and more, the easiest way would be a Beosystem 3 or 4. It’s an AV system that stand between the TV and the speakers and can do… A lot of things… But they’re not cheap.

    Or you can search for dolby boxes with line out (to your speakers) or Powerlink out (maybe Almando or something like that…) but then the music part would need to be handled by your TV.

    Good luck.