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    Hi Jim,

    Regarding prices I would not be a good source of information. I live in Paris and the second hand market in local ads is crazy, you can find a Beovision MX for free one day, and the other day another add with the same TV around 400€. There is currently a Beogram 4002 @ 2500€.

    The eyes are rare, so rare that when I sold a beosystem 3 to a Swiss guy, he did send me his own IR eye for me to check the BS was working and I had to send it back, luckily with the Beosystem 3. So do the math: somebody want to sell one, he knows there is “Bang & Olufsen” printed on it, he looks for similar ads, he don’t find any then he puts a high price! Easy.

    But I also know that depending on countries this rules do not ever apply. Each time I hear about second hand bargains on the forum I say to myself, “why do I not live in that country”!

    Regarding your boxes, It don’t looks like B&O to me but I never opened that kind of box, so I don’t know for sure.

    Good luck.