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      Hey all!

      I’m JD from Sweden and I managed to post once or twice on the old forums before it debunked. As a forum owner myself I absolutely detest spammers/hackers!!

      Been lurking and reading on the old forum for years but decided to become a member just after I purchased many vintage B&O TV’s etc from a hotel. Some 20+ TVs with IR Eyes and boxes plus cables amd Beo4’s.

      I am trying to find out about what these boxes do but the manufacturing company in Norway couldn’t be of any assistance. So I wonder if anyone here can assist me in finding out about them?

      Can I use them for anything else than IR Eyes? BeoLink?

      And how did they operate back in the day when in service at the hotel?

      I will open one up as soon as I find the correct bits to make it easier for you to see.

      I am turning away from Sonos (I was put off when they decided to make all early units obsolete, and yes they flipped but the damagae was done and I don’t trust them anymore!) and will set up a “network” of B&O vintage systems all over the house and hook it up to our current Samsung 55” smart TV and older 41” Samsung dumb TV (since I am a cheapskate and never quit using things until they die). Plus add a few B&O TV’s with VCR and DVR capabilities.

      The idea is to use cables where appropriate and also use BeoLink systems and IR Eyes and Beo4 remotes in all the rooms and outside on both patios. I will start a new thread about this later and define what I have and want for each room. Hopefully there are lots of members who has done this before.

      So I also wonder if I can make any use of these cables and boxes for a BeoLink system?

      All the best!



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        To me, it looks like a specific system based on modified B&O hardware.

        Usual sockets are DIN for Powerlink and a large connector that looks like a wide Ethernet plug for Masterlink. The IR eye plug is the original.

        Googling a little bit shows that Otrun is a brand that makes TV system for hotels. To what extend they can be integrated in a classic B&O network and for what, I don’t know.

        Members who have the original boxes may help you to compare them with your hardware and maybe, luckily, it would just be a matter of plugs.

        In all cases you have a handfull of IR eyes which is very valuable: the boxes, even original B&O are cheap, but the IR eyes are quite rare and often more expensive.

        Good luck with all this and you nice project!

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          @matador Thanks for your reply!

          Yeah I have more than a handful eyes luckily enough.😊 Eventually I will trade most for other B&O items or sell so I can start building my home system.

          But eyes being expensive? Not sure about prices outside of Sweden so please feel free to elaborate about what they bring where you are. Here they go for 300SEK to 500SEK each or there about. Approximately 30-50USD/Euros. Also if you know about prices of Beo4’s I’d be happy to learn more.

          I have opened one of the boxes now and I post pics of it’s contents below. If anyone can figure out if I can use these boxes for anything in a system with mainly vintage B&O units please chime in. I will use two half modern Samsung TV’s, ATV’s and perhaps some Airport Express and other Apple products we have. But that’s for another thread.




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            Thanks for your thoughts @matador !


            Here are some pics of the box when opened.

            I hope some of you knowledgeable guys can chime in and tell me if I can use these boxes for something when I set up my vintage network of two current Samsung TV’s, B&O units and Apple units. Will also add one MX4000 at least and one Avant.

            But that is for another thread. They came from a hotel where some of the MX4000 TV’s had STBs onboard.


            What is expensive by the way? In regards to IR eyes that is, thinking about your comment.


            All the best!



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              Hi Jim,

              Regarding prices I would not be a good source of information. I live in Paris and the second hand market in local ads is crazy, you can find a Beovision MX for free one day, and the other day another add with the same TV around 400€. There is currently a Beogram 4002 @ 2500€.

              The eyes are rare, so rare that when I sold a beosystem 3 to a Swiss guy, he did send me his own IR eye for me to check the BS was working and I had to send it back, luckily with the Beosystem 3. So do the math: somebody want to sell one, he knows there is “Bang & Olufsen” printed on it, he looks for similar ads, he don’t find any then he puts a high price! Easy.

              But I also know that depending on countries this rules do not ever apply. Each time I hear about second hand bargains on the forum I say to myself, “why do I not live in that country”!

              Regarding your boxes, It don’t looks like B&O to me but I never opened that kind of box, so I don’t know for sure.

              Good luck.

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