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    @matador Thanks for your reply!

    Yeah I have more than a handful eyes luckily enough.? Eventually I will trade most for other B&O items or sell so I can start building my home system.

    But eyes being expensive? Not sure about prices outside of Sweden so please feel free to elaborate about what they bring where you are. Here they go for 300SEK to 500SEK each or there about. Approximately 30-50USD/Euros. Also if you know about prices of Beo4’s I’d be happy to learn more.

    I have opened one of the boxes now and I post pics of it’s contents below. If anyone can figure out if I can use these boxes for anything in a system with mainly vintage B&O units please chime in. I will use two half modern Samsung TV’s, ATV’s and perhaps some Airport Express and other Apple products we have. But that’s for another thread.